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Each day, millions of retailers start the enterprise e-commerce business. Due to this, it is becoming a challenging task for newbies to find potential buyers. They lack the understanding of how to win more customers. If you are in this situation, you don’t need to fear starting the business. Two giant enterprise e-commerce platforms will help you manage your business and get millions of customers. Shopify plus or BigCommerce should be your priority. They are fully-hosted. Thus, they come with advanced features to enable you to create an online store with less money. Without advanced features, you require a lot of coding which will force you to go for training or hire a designer to help you with the task. Here are 5 crucial things you need to know about Shopify plus and BigCommerce:


Shopify plus and BigCommerce will enable you to go mobile

Mobile is a device that everyone has and uses it to browse online. It offers the flexibility of using it while on-the-go. It is for this reason why millions of customers prefer it to search for the best products online. Therefore, if increasing sales without much effort is your goal, you need to go mobile. Shopify plus and BigCommerce will help you to achieve your goals. They come with fully responsive templates to allow you to create an online store that will respond to various devices.

Shopify plus and BigCommerce comes with cheaper pricing as compared to other enterprise e-commerce platforms

Most entrepreneurs with budgetary constraints start creating their online store from scratch because they believe that all platforms come with high pricing. They, therefore, end up using a lot of money hiring a designer. In current days, things are getting better. Some cheap platforms are rising at a high rate. Shopify and BigCommerce are among the best. They will provide you with affordable pricing as well as advanced features.

Both Shopify plus and BigCommerce are easy to use

In this business world, you need to create a professional and unique online store to stand-out from your competitors. Imagine having an enterprise e-commerce platform with a complicated interface. It will force you to hire a designer. However, for Shopify plus and BigCommerce, things are different. They come with a user-friendly interface to allow you to create a beautiful store by yourself. The drag and drop editor is essential because it will enable you to transfer elements to your place of choice. The only task you will perform is customizing to make your store unique.

The two platforms have the security feature

Due to the increase in hacking cases, you need to ensure that your online store has reliable security features. Shopify plus and BigCommerce are leading enterprise e-commerce platforms when it comes to security. They will assure you that your business is safe by hosting it on a reliable server. With this, the destroyers will not get an opportunity to target your business. Also, these platforms have the PCI and SSL feature. With these features, you will be sure to protect your customers’ data during the check-out process.

Both platforms have a reliable customer support

Challenges occur in all online businesses,and if you fail to deal with them quickly, you can lose your business. Thus, you need to fix the issues quickly when they arise. But how will you achieve this? You need to select an enterprise e-commerce platform with 24/7 customer support. Shopify plus and BigCommerce will assure to provide positive feedback at the right time. The support system provides various methods of reaching them.


Both Shopify plus and BigCommerce will work well for your enterprise business. They have advanced features to improve your business growth. With these information we gave you, you will also be able to answer this question: Is Shopify the best ecommerce platform? In order to make your final choice.