BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus: Where Shopify Platform is Better

//BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus: Where Shopify Platform is Better

BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus: Where Shopify Platform is Better

The Shopify platform has extra advantages when compared to BigCommerce in a few key areas, all of which are important. Here is where the Shopify platform is better!

If you are a new business owner looking to sell items online, you’ve probably done your research and discovered that BigCommerce and Shopify are two of the best options on the market. Having no experience, how do you know which one to choose and help your new business reach its end goals?

We’ve taken the time to review both platforms and discovered that the Shopify platform has extra advantages when compared to BigCommerce.

    • Features: Shopify definitely wins when it comes to the feature set. That is not to say that the BigCommerce platform doesn’t offer a nice set of features such as generate shipping quote, Apple Pay, and etc. (something that you have to pay extra for when using Shopify). Some of the best features Shopify offers are shipping tools, in-house POS tool, and payment tools that allow you to integrate 3 functions into the platform. Shopify also includes SSL certificate, multichannel selling, abandoned cart recovery, multilingual checkout, the ability to collect product reviews, and SEO tools. Keep in mind that these features come standard, however, if you aren’t willing to pay, the Shopify platform will provide you with the most functionality.

  • Design: This is just another area where Shopify wins. The Shopify websites look better and are easier to design. Shopify offers fully customizable themes, free and premium. The advantage is in the drag-and-drop editor which allows you to edit the design of your store and see the changes in real time. The Shopify’s themes look better on a mobile device and are more modern. Bigcommerce allows you to edit the themes and has a theme editor, however, it is not as good as Shopify’s.
  • Integrations: Even though BigCommerce does offer over 400 integrations, they can’t compare with the 1500 integrations the Shopify platform offers. The options offered by Shopify is definitely unparalleled in the market and provides merchants and businesses with a lot of versatility.

You can’t go wrong with either platform. If you are planning to build an online store with a higher level of functionality, Shopify is the safest bet. Scaling is also better for the Shopify ecommerce solution as you won’t be charged extra for exceeding your sales.

It is time to make a decision!